Collin's Paranormal Investigation

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Collin's Paranormal Investigations is here to help. If you think you have a Paranormal or Supernatural happenings going on or have a haunted location you would like us to investigate contact us and let us know. We can help you determine if you have a haunting and help you decide what actions to take. After we finish our investigation we will sit down with you and show you what we have found and what went on. If you have a haunting, poltergeist, possession, or any other kind of paranormal happenings then give Collin's Paranormal Investigation a call or email !!!!

<Left. headless woman in white dress and a see through ghost fog next to her


                  ghost standing over civ. war graves   







the american flag was turned upside down in every pic that had the flag in it  but it was right side up to our eyes but upside down after the pic was taken we dont know what caused this


 a face behind this grave



          yellow  orb or mist by civ. war            graves



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